Nest Self Storage


Downsizing and Moving to City Living


Over the last several years we have noticed a trend; within our Salem/Keizer Market, but also within the Pacific Northwest. People used to rent apartment homes until they could afford a down payment for a single family home. With this younger generation moving into adulthood, they are less interested in creating deep roots and investing in a larger plot of land and more focused on the experience. They want to be downtown, where all the action is taking place. But it's not just this younger generation, it's also former homeowners trading their mortgages for monthly rent to be engulfed in the experiences of the city, having less maintenance and more flexibility to opt outside.

With people moving into smaller spaces, they need somewhere to keep their larger items, but when you look at the market for places to move your items to there are very few options with hardly any availability. All of this led to the start of Nest Self Storage.


Turner Road Location

2154 Turner Road Southeast
Salem, OR, 97302

This project is the first self storage site for Mountain West and was created based on the market need. The site was chosen for its idyllic location neighboring Cascade Gateway; home to Walter Wirth Lake, ball fields, disc golf, fishing, trails and picnic facilities. When thinking about self storage, a big bonus is having easy access to major arterials and the freeway and this property has all of that.

More information about these storage units will be available soon.


Parkway Location

1815 Hyacinth Street Northeast
Salem, OR, 97301

For Mountain West, this project was all about location. It sits on the corner of Hyacinth and Salem Parkway which ideal for several apartment communities in the surrounding Salem and Keizer areas, including Keizer Station Apartments and Cornerstone Apartments (more information about this community is coming soon).

More information about these storage will be available soon.