About Us

Mountain West Investment began as Mountain West Real Estate in 1977. From those residential roots we discussed our passion for real estate development. Every real estate investment company worth its salt should be able to say they provide ROI. Yet, it's more than financial strength and returns that built our exceptional reputation in the community for proven success. Our mission of doing business with integrity, vision and excellence can be seen and felt in everything we do.
At Mountain West Investment, we consider it our moral responsibility to steward our business and philanthropic relationships with faithfulness, trust and accountability. It is an unwavering dedication to these driving principals that has led to over 30 years of providing extraordinary returns for our clients and the community.
The key to our success is an alignment with partners and organizations that share our vision and bring expertise to make the vision a reality.  



We want to know—

          what is your driving force?


Our proven record of real estate development and community projects has made Mountain West Investment the company it is today. Here's a small sampling of key commercial, residential, special use and charitable endeavors that has shaped Mountain West and it's community.

Property Type # of Projects Size
Senior Housing Communities 46 Communities 4,454 Units
Commercial Properties 20 Buildings 535,982 SF
Mulit-Family Housing 16 Properties 987 Units
Single Family Housing 12 Properties 782 Lots
Special Use Properties 3 Properties NA
Charitible Involvement 200+ Organizations NA